Welcome to The Little Crystal shop

My name is Jac and I live in Victoria, Australia, with my little boy who is the light of my life. I love working with crystals; I have always felt the energy of crystals quite strongly and that has only increased the more I work with them. I also use reiki in combination with crystals.

My shop name comes from the first crystal I ever found in the earth. A tiny clear quartz point, about 6mm in length, hidden under a rock in a dried up creek bed. I only know that I was called to find that crystal; I could never find my way back to the same place again, yet when I found it, I was following what seemed like the most obvious path (there was no path). I think that little crystal must have some pretty powerful energy. And so my shop is called The Little Crystal.

I aim to stock a quality selection of mostly raw crystals suitable for energy work and healing. I also stock a few quality polished pieces here and there. But mostly I'm just drawn to raw stones, I think they are made perfectly by nature and are the best healing tools. Mostly.

I sincerely hope you find what you're looking for and thank you for visiting my shop. Follow on Instagram @the.little.crystal for updates, new stock, Instagram-only discounts and a look at some of the crystals in my personal collection.

Wishing you much light and love.

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